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Due to the rapid temperature changes, so many families are to transform the life from some aspects of the environment, such as the use of air conditioning, heating or other heating cooling products and so on, all is in order to make your life better, but many people do not ignore is the window, according to the survey data shows, sixty percent the family would choose insulation curtain when buying curtains, so thermal insulation curtain what performance?

According to professionals, the effect of heat insulation curtain is the biggest, we all know that the global temperature is not normal, the summer heat the dead, winter freeze to death, if not properly cooled warm, then it is easy to heat stroke, burns or even death, and heat insulation window curtain is up to such an effect.

First we have a look of the summer heat summer heat insulation curtain, hanging curtains, the curtains to the external light blocking temperature, so that the indoor temperature is stable, and not to waste electricity, of course, if you want to open the window can be, just need to pull the curtains.

insulated curtains

The winter insulated curtain effect more obvious, we all know, most of the families in winter are heating, heating will form a loop, sometimes through out through the window, this will reduce the indoor temperature, but with heat insulation curtain will not have to worry about, because the curtain will heat blocking, so the formation of cyclic indoors, do not have to worry about the loss of heat, and insulated curtainthe indoor temperature is higher, the human living environment will be better.

Heat insulation curtain for maintenance, first we should pay attention to the clean curtains on weekdays, we all know that the curtain with a long time, and will not be cleaned regularly, so in the course of daily use, be careful not to dirty, if dirty, it is best to dry cleaners to clean, so as not to reduce the effect of heat insulation curtain.

Posté le 26/10/2016 à 09:52 par espositocurtain