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The choice of summer curtains is very important. For south-toward rooms, you can select some heat-insulated and lightproof blinds or shutters. These curtains are not only look pretty and fresh, but also can block out the heat of summer. People who want to be unique can add another yarn to create a different feeling. In your favorite room, you can make the colorful pattern to be the bottom, a thinner single color to be the top, and the bottom floral pattern will reveal faintly. According to different light, they can show different effect. The room will be full of the subtle sense of Chinese culture, and full of mysterious and exotic feeling. Living in a room like that, your imagination and mood will increased. And according to different qualities and styles of yarn, the price ranges from hundred dollars to thousand dollars one meter.

Posté le 26/10/2016 à 09:34 par espositocurtain